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You read that right. Lose 3-7 pounds of FAT every week and retain your lean muscle mass. With our proven method you will not take any drugs, be hungry, or be required to excercise.

  • Lose pounds of fat.
  • Retain lean muscle mass.
  • Supports cellulite reduction.
  • No drugs, no hunger, no exercise.

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Results ARE typical!

The Essential Protein weightloss method provides predictable, repeatable results that ARE typical! No small print. No other weight loss method can guarantee this.

  • Results ARE typical!
  • Predictable weekly weight loss.
  • Results are repeatable.
  • Guaranteed fat loss.

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With over 60 different protein based foods and drinks to choose from you will never go hungry. Our method will naturally suppress your appetite and promote vitality and energy!

  • Over 60 different foods.
  • Naturally suppresses appetite.
  • Promotes vitality and energy.
  • Learn to eat right.

Lose Weight Now

I was on the program for 9 months and lost 120 Lbs!! I want to let everyone know the Essential Protein team has made a positive difference in my life and the world.- Jennifer Z
I loved the staff. They were concerned about me and helped me through all of the stumbles that I came across. I have been instructed by my primary care doctor to no longer take Vytorin (blood pressure medication /cholesterol), reduce my diabetic medication as well as my estrogen!! My cardiologist found out that I no longer have a leaky valve in my heart…it healed itself through proper nutrition on the diet!!!- Cheryl M